Floral Design Class


Design style; mass arrangement

Technique used; armature and grouping


Using aluminum wire we made a fun armature to hold our flowers. Bright colored ranunculus and cymbidium orchids were the favorite of the night, by grouping the flowers it increases the visual appearance and also makes the design look interesting.


If you also like these types of flowers and want to try a design like this here are a few tips! Take the aluminum wire and fold it in your hand about eight times, take the two ends and bind it about three inches up. place the bound end in the vase, then you can bend the folds down to create the armature.  Choose four types of flowers including the hydrangea and filler. start by cutting the hydrangea short enough that they take up the mass of the vase. Then add the your remaining flowers on opposite sides. finish with the filler or an accent flower.

As always all flowers and supplies are available here at Studio Flora or check out a local florist in your area. 

Have fun!

Blooming Beauty…The life of a Flower

So I was just surfing the web the other day and came across this lovely quote that someone had shared with me. It stuck with me for whatever reason and thought I would share it with all of you!

“In the fleeting life of a flower, I can feel its velvet skin against my own, dew drops of emotion nourish the petals, the wind blows, its scent fills the room, as moments tick by, “What can I do to live as beautifully", I ask the flower, and it shines back at me…"just be" 

- The Colors of Life 

Hope you all enjoy this quote and that you too find your beauty in the simplicity of just being you. 




How to care for your Herb Garden this summer


Hey everyone, good news! I have decided that I would give you all some tips for how to care for and manage your herb gardens this summer to keep those delectable herbs growing for your summertime dishes. 

#1:  Pinching. Whether you grow your herbs indoors or outdoors, make sure to keep the plants lush and bushy by frequently pinching 2 to 3 inches off the tips. If you yearn for more leaves, make sure to pinch off any flowers that start to bloom.  This will prevent the plant from putting all of its energy into making that flower bloom! 

#2: Herbs tend to grow the best in well-drained soil. Now unless you already have that sand-like soil that herbs can endure, I suggest throwing a handful or so of sand with each planting hole, I also read that powdered lime, and powdered gypsum will suffice as well. However, if you have clay-like soil or exceptionally sandy soil I recommend just adding a little compost as well as some chopped up leaves each season. If your plant tends to appear scrawny or in any way unhealthy, give the plants a drink of diluted fish fertilizer. Also feeding potted herbs every two to three weeks will make a huge difference in the success of your plant. Also, don’t hesitant to purchase a potting soil locally that already contains plant food that will feed your plants for up to 3 months. 

#3: WATER your lovely, growing plants need a little H20! Make sure to check for water daily and sometimes twice a day depending on the weather! Hot hot heat equals very thirsty herbs! However, like I mentioned before herbs like well-drained soil so to avoid drowning your herbs. Just check the soil with your finger; if moist you’re all set.

And there you have it! Hope this information helps all of you!



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